Aaron Deri, Licensed MFT

Caring, Effective Treatment When Negative Emotions Make Life Unmanageable

Aaron Deri, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Aaron Deri, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

My clients come to therapy because depression, anxiety or anger threatens their well-being, careers and families. They want to feel better emotionally, strengthen their family, and do better at work and in their community. Perhaps you do too. Ask yourself:

  • Are negative emotions keeping you from responsibilities, enjoying family, friends, and pleasurable activities?
  • Do you often feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or fearful?
  • Are you acting in ways that leave you with regret, shame, fear or guilt?
  • Are your key relationships with family, friends or at work at risk of being damaged?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, therapy might be something to consider.

What Happens in Therapy

I listen closely and respectfully.  I try to “zero in” on how you feel. It’s really the only way to understand problems that have become overwhelming. This conversation is key.

But this isn’t an “everyday” conversation. More than just listen carefully, I also ask questions and challenge old, self-limiting beliefs and ways of thinking.

Our conversation is active. We try new ideas, at your pace, and look for your strengths that can help heal. Problems begin to show up in a new light, and solutions begin to emerge. New ways of thinking bring new feelings of confidence, peace, and new choices for managing your life.

In therapy I focus on what’s important to you. Together we discover your core needs and hopes, and look for ways to have those needs met in healthy relationships, with self and others.

Areas Where I Can Help

In my Ventura office, I work to assist individuals, families and groups in the areas of:

My Credentials

  • Master of Science degree in Counseling from San Diego State University
  • Published researcher
  • Treated adults and teens in outpatient recovery community clinics, residential psychiatric treatment centers, and non-profit settings
  • Certified in crisis intervention for domestic violence and sexual assault victims
  • Led bereavement groups for adult survivors of violent loss

Call for a free consultation at 805-728-7288, or contact me via this site. I look forward to talking and being of service.