Co-Parenting/Co-Custody Classes

Are you ready to put your children first? 

“I can’t even talk to my kid’s other parent without an argument… It makes being a single parent even harder!”

“The only way we can communicate anymore is by text message!”

Open to individuals as well as separated/divorced couples. Cooperative parenting classes teach how to:

  • Shield your children from parental conflict
  • Disengage from the former relationship
  • Manage your anger
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Negotiate in a business-like manner
  • Increase co-parenting respect
  • Establish a positive, long-term relationship with each other as co-parents

About the class

We have worked with many clients who have overcome their difficulty communicating with their co-parent and who have successfully met their personal goals or their court  mandated requirement. The class sizes are small so we can focus on the challenges that you are facing in your co-parenting relationship.

What do you have to do?

These classes work best when you have a desire to change, a willingness to do a little homework, the ability to be part of the group, and some curiosity to try new ways of behaving. If this sounds like you, I hope you’ll join one of the classes.

We are approved service providers by Ventura County Family Courts.

Call (805) 648-2805 for more information, or contact us via this site.