Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

We have all experienced emotional, relationship and other difficult problems in our lives. We can easily become depressed, anxious, panicky, worried and hopeless. That’s when a counselor that you can connect with can provide great relief, insight and guidance. Your partner in emotional growth Our counseling services provide you a safe and effective place to […]

Couples Counseling

If you are like most of us, your relationship with your spouse, partners or loved ones can be very challenging and difficult at times.  Today, many couples can feel overwhelmed by frustration, exhaustion, hopelessness and despair.  Sometimes, problems that are left to simmer can cause very real emotional problems that need the care and guidance of […]

Family Counseling

Unfortunately, most families have problems at some time or another.  The complexities of emotions of a couple and their children can challenge even the best people.  If your family is experiencing trouble with one family member or your entire family, we can help. If you’re feeling exhausted, dealing with too-common angry outbursts, resentment, cold-shoulders or […]

Free Therapy for Victims of Crime

State Can Pay for Victims of Crime Mental Health Services Recovery after surviving a violent crimetakes time and care. Yet what if paying for care is itself another problem to overcome? There is help. If you’ve been injured or have been threatened with injury, California’s Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) can help pay expenses – including mental health […]

Panic Attacks

Begin Solving the Panic Problem The first time it happened to you, you probably didn’t know what to call it or what was really happening. Perhaps you felt so afraid, you actually believed you might die, or faint, or go crazy. Or that maybe those around you would think you’re crazy. After all, the symptoms […]

Adult Anger Management

Are your health, relationships, and stability at stake? Problem anger shows up as… Road rage Difficulties with intimate relationships Domestic violence Child abuse Divorce Addictions Chronic illness Workplace violence or job loss In this 14-week course you’ll: Learn techniques for cooling off anger responses Understand conflict and the signs of problem anger before it becomes […]

Domestic Violence Recovery

The Journey Back From Domestic Violence First you struggled to find safety. Yet have you found peace of mind? Guilt, anger, sadness, anxiety and stress often show up in the aftermath of abuse. For example, do you: Feel guilty or “selfish”, at times perhaps not even knowing why? Blame yourself for any part of the abuse […]