Explained: The Many Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions

Walk and talk therapy differs from regular therapy sessions in that clients interact with the therapist while walking, usually outside. This alternative approach can be very beneficial, especially for those who don’t feel all that comfortable with more traditional office-based methods. Research demonstrates that while eye contact can indicate interest and that channels for communication […]

Love During Lockdown: Try These 6 Date Night at Home Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

It only takes one extraordinary event such as a global pandemic to throw our world from its daily routine into a monotonous, and stressful, life at home. The disruption felt will be on a spectrum from catastrophic to simply inconvenient with most falling somewhere in between. One thing is absolutely certain: every relationship will experience […]

Parents Having a Hard Time

We are all going through some hard times as we adjust to being in quarantine, social distancing, working remotely from home, or not working at all. This time is even more difficult for parents who not only have to work, manage the household, take care of themselves, but also help their children navigate through the […]

Free Therapy for Crime Victims

State Can Pay for Crime Victims’ Mental Health Services Recovery after surviving a violent crime takes time and care. Yet what if paying for care is itself another problem to overcome? There is help. If you’ve been injured or have been threatened with injury, California’s Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) can help pay expenses – including mental health […]